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What are Instagram stories and highlights?

Stories and Highlights are two elements that empower clients to share photographs and recordings that vanish following 24 hours. The main distinction between the two sorts is that Highlights are saved in a personal collection, Highlights, while customary stories go into a public exhibition called Your Story. But now, you can easily use the Instagram story download feature through story saver.

How to download Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are an excellent method for guarding your recollections, sharing them with loved ones, or simply ensuring you don’t lose the ones you love.

You can download your accounts in maybe one or two ways:

Tap the thumbnail for your Story (it will be at the highest point of your feed). When you select it, you’ll be taken to a screen with a symbol on the right top with three spots; tap it.

Select Copy Link, and tap the little button on the screen.

Duplicate its URL, then, at that point, open the iGram site page.

Glue the duplicated URL onto the shown field on iGram.

Tap Download when you’re finished picking what Story you need to download in your download! Story is a blessing.

How frequently could I at any point save Instagram stories?

There are no limitations on how often you can save stories. You can involve our Instagram story download administration as often as needed. Furthermore, it is free. You can download an Instagram story and use it in any capacity that suits you, whether it’s to assist you with recollecting the Story or to impart it to companions. You might print your Instagram story (picture) and drape it on your wall! It depends on you!

Instagram Story Downloader

Additionally, you ought to realize that you can download the Story online by composing the Instagram Story saver connect you like. This Instagram Story saver is for nothing; don’t bother getting a record to turn into a part; it is unknown.

Story Saver

Kindly note that for saving a Story from Instagram, you should be sure that it is visible to the public. You can’t download the Story from your records if it doesn’t adhere to this guideline. You generally need to adhere to the guidelines!

Instagram Story saver

Story Saver for Instagram, created by, permits you to secretly download any IG story to your gadget. iGram insta story saver is the ideal apparatus for those who need to download their accounts from Instagram to re-transfer, repost, or take it in their own media library for future watching with companions. You can save stories from Instagram unbounded!

Duplicate URL

Open a Story you truly like, then what you ought to do is click on (⋯) for iPhone or (⋮) for Android. Then, from the popup menu, pick the “Duplicate Link” choice to duplicate the connection. 

Paste the connection link

When you duplicate the Story connect, the subsequent stage you ought to follow is to glue it onto the appropriate field, then hit the Download button.

Download the Story

By squeezing the Download button, you are downloading the Story, and this Story record will be saved to the Downloads’ envelope, assuming you have an iPhone, or to the downloads’ exhibition if you have an Android.


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